Eastern White Pine (Pinus Strobus)

Grown throughout the Northeastern part of North America. Desired for its fine grain, uniform texture, stability, very limited pitch, workability in pattern and the ability to hold stain very well.

Grades (C.L.A. Rules) The C.L.A. grade rules for white pine are based on defining the limiting characteristics allowed in each grade. The characteristics are judged on its size and quality.

D Select & Btr

The Top grade available. It is the only EWP grade where the number of knots on a piece is limited. Uses include: fine woodworking, interior trim.

#1, #2 Common​

Is an appearance grade with sound tight knots. Common uses are panelling, furniture.

#3 Common

A highly knotty appearance grade. Common uses: furniture, paneling, shelving, coffin making

#4 Common

A serviceable grade primarily used for industrial uses, including crating and boxing.

Industrial / #5 Common

Lowest common grade - for industrial uses.